Marketing and communications professionals provide invaluable services to help your business attract customers, manage its reputation, grow market share and determine product pricing. They’re the heavy lifters behind the scenes, working to determine pricing, predict market trends and influence new product development.

The problem is, they cost everywhere between $30,000 – $60,000 a year, or higher! Plus, their employers are required to provide office space, workstations, equipment, vacation pay, and more.

While any business will benefit from these services, few can afford to bring on a full-time marketing agent. And attracting a part-time marketing professional comes with its own challenges: few marketing professionals are looking for part-time work, or can be lured away from their full-time jobs to work part-time. And retaining a part-time marketing professional is problematic, too – as they jump ship when a better offer presents itself, leaving you starting from scratch.

ForthWrite costs a fraction of onboarding a new team member because it’s designed to serve small business.

We provide valuable, low-cost, committed turnkey marketing and communications solutions, custom-designed to support your organizational goals. We succeed by “right-sizing” our price and output to match the needs of small business.

With products focused on marketing, communications, sales, organizational development, campaign management and fundraising, we put marketing plans and strategies in place to earn your business more sales, attract more customers, and gain greater exposure without the costs and liabilities of training, benefiting and onboarding a new staff member.

For just $700 a month ($8,400 per year) get ForthWrite working for you! Contact us here!