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Fundraising Plans

Your fundraising plan should employ a suite of strategies and tools to help achieve your financial goals – among those tools is accurate, consistent and persuasive messaging, employed over a span of products.

If you and your organization are approaching foundations for grant applications, a standardized series of products will be essential to efficiently make multiple approaches.

The Foundation Grants Checklist

Your Foundation Grants Checklist compiles a collection of commonly requested data for Foundation Grant Applications. Having these data available helps minimize time spent in producing persuasive and successful grant applications.

These products include:

  • Cover Letter – introduce your organization and make a case for why funding your organization or programming is in alignment with a particular foundation’s goals.
  • Organizational information – outlines the size, quality and character of your organization and its ambitions. This will include your charitable registration number. Includes your mission, vision, values and organizational goals.
  • Organizational history – an opportunity to demonstrate the impact your organization has made, and prove its longevity.
  • Audited financial statements – as prepared by your professional bookkeepers, these are regularly required to demonstrate financial independence, prudency and the organization’s continuing perpetuity.
  • Project general information – clearly outlines all essential details about your project and programs.
  • Needs statement – what needs are satisfied by providing funding to your project? What impact will this project have?
  • Goals and reporting – demonstrate quantifiable, trackable goals the program or project aims to achieve, illustrating how success will be measured, and what mechanism(s) are in place to report results.
  • Project timeline – outlines milestones, deadlines and project completion date.
  • Partners and collaborators – a list of allies that are formally affiliated with your project or programming.
  • Letters of support – a series of letters from community members, organizational partners and influential stakeholders that support the argument that your program and organization are worthy causes.
  • Accessibility / Anti-discrimination policies – Foundations and government grants are increasingly requesting evidence of accessibility compliance and anti-discriminatory policies from the organizations they support.
  • Donor recognition plan – outlines how donors are acknowledged.
  • Communications plan – a plan ensuring that who you are, what you stand for, and where you’re going is clearly understood and expressed clearly in every opportunity for communications (learn more at this link: click here.)
  • Website content – supportive and relevant data, expressed alongside consistent messaging about your organization and its programming. Foundations also commonly request any social media profiles affiliated with your organization.
  • One-pagers / brochures – supportive documents provided to prospective donors, left in their keep for their future reference.


A well-researched and robust collection of the above-listed products and documentation makes foundation grant applications much more efficient, ensuring that the time invested in preparing an application is time spent focused on being as persuasive, influential and eligible as possible.

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