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Do you have a Crisis Communications Plan in place that effectively communicates what to do and how to communicate your message in the event of a crisis? It is one of the four primary tools of an effective Crisis Management Plan.

  1. A crisis communications plan
  2. Prevention and risk management
  3. Roles and responsibilities
  4. Possible scenarios

Crisis Communications Plan

Your Crisis Communications Plan is part of your crisis management plan, which identifies risks before they turn into tragedies, minimizing unfavorable media coverage, customer dissatisfaction, any harm to stakeholders, and facilities security.

What to expect from your crisis communications plan?

Your Crisis Communications Plan:

  • supports the Crisis Management Plan
  • outlines roles and responsibilities for communications in the event of a crisis
  • frames and develops messages
  • provides values-based messaging
  • addresses how to respond to bad reporting
  • strategizes for effective press conferences

What are your risks for a crisis?

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure – crisis management begins with crisis prevention. Every organization faces difficulties, controversies and risks, and your crisis communications plan should carefully consider foreseeable situations and have protocols in place with how to communicate with all stakeholders, including staff members, customers, investors, community members, family and the media.

This begins with identifying potential risks and managing them before they spin out of control, and ensuring stakeholders are informed of any risks, and clearly articulated protocols are communicated that ensure those risks are minimized.


An effective crisis communications plan minimizes risks and prevents crises before they occur. And in the event of a crisis, provides a communications plan and outlines roles and responsibilities to navigate out of the crisis, with attempts at minimizing any harmful impacts.

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