Affordable, effective communications and marketing products to drive sales, raise brand awareness and achieve organizational goals

Do you have publicly visible and declarative organizational values? Develop and amplify your organizational values and let them characterize your business plans, marketing plans and communications plans, to show the public who you are and what you stand for.

Communications Plans

The Communications Plan centralizes what’s important to your organization and then optimizes and informs all operations and public-facing opportunities to communicate with organizational stakeholders (customers, media, recruits, etc.)

That simply means, the plan will: Ensure that who you are, what you stand for, and where you’re going is clearly understood.

The Communications Plan ensures: whenever you interact with customers, whenever you connect with potential recruits, and whether facing a crisis or an opportunity, who your organization is, and what it stands for is clearly understood and effectively communicated.

These plans succeed when they are firmly rooted in your organization’s values and purpose, and then support your organization’s goals and mission statement.

What to expect from your communications plan?

Your communications plan will affirm and be driven by your organization’s goals and outcomes, its vision as expressed in the mission statement, and its values and beliefs.

What are your organizational goals?

Organizational goals vary from enterprise to enterprise, but can include:

  • Profitable income,
  • Employment equity,
  • Award-winning customer service,
  • Community service,
  • Charitable donations,
  • Impactful advocacy campaigns, etc.


A comprehensive and carefully designed Communications Plan identifies every opportunity to spread your message and ensure that it’s clearly articulated at every opportunity. Knowing and clearly articulating who you are, what you stand for, and what people can expect from you and your business characterizes every facet of your operations. And when it’s designed in alignment with your organizational goals, mission, vision and values, it translates into continued progress towards achieving success.

Let’s get started!

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