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Marketing Plans

The Marketing Plan is a management tool outlining how your business remains customer-orientated with the goal for a profitable sales volume, done by making informed choices that help your business identify new products and services, tomorrow’s markets and future growth.

The marketing plan, as a document, provides a unified reference for mediating a consistent message and making informed decisions.

The marketing plan’s success is contingent upon understanding both the identity of your business (who you are and what you do) and the identity of your customers. With a detailed understanding of these elements, informed choices can be made to build a stronger relationship between your customers and you.

The marketing plan is like a road map that helps pick the route to get from Point A to Point B. With a robust and detailed marketing plan in place, your business can make important business decisions on:

  • selecting growth opportunities
  • which markets to enter, and when to enter them
  • branding and identity
  • marketing materials
  • what to advertise, where to advertise and when to advertise
  • pricing
  • what to communicate, and how to communicate that message

The choices and goals outlined in your marketing plan will influence your Product Development, Communications Plan, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Marketing Campaigns, Website Design, Media / Communications Policy, Fundraising Campaigns, and more.

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